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Originally Posted by PsychDoc View Post
...So I've had my DNA now for about a month and love almost everything about it. Got my wife the Note 2 (she absolutely insisted on having the bigger screen) yesterday and I've been fiddling with it for over a day. I love the N2's inclusion of a power toggle right at the top of the notification pull-down menu. In terms of positives, that's pretty much it. I HATE the Samsung UI (TouchWiz?). The email implementation is not good at all and in general it seems clunky and unintuitive. In terms of UI's I adored the pure Google experience of my Gnex and I find the HTC Sense 4 to be pretty darn close and generally not intrusive at all. The screen of the N2 can't hold a candle to the DNA. Not only in resolution but in the purity of the whites (that's one of my pet major issues....I HATE non-white 'whites'....the Gnex had sickly yellow 'whites' BTW). Simply put, go to the Google home page on the N2 and then the DNA, hold them next to one another and you'll see that the N2 shows up as blue while the DNA is pure white. Oh, another plus for the N2 is the external speaker. It's loud and clear. The rear speaker on the DNA is OK but I'd give the nod to the N2 here. Also the dialing pad on the N2 is excellent. Nice and large and easy to press the numbers. The DNA only uses the bottom third of the screen for it's keypad which is ridiculous in my view. Cal quality on the DNA is much better with voices coming across as loud and clear. The N2 lags in this department and while it's OK the clear winner is the DNA here. Still haven't fiddled with the S-Pen much. Looks really complicated and unintuitive but it may just be a case of a steep initial learning curve. A few you tube video tutorials will probably help here. I absolutely DETEST the N2's home button. It's a physical button that needs to be depressed rather than a virtual touch button. The touch button is sooo much easier to use. And why the N2 included their own 'S-Voice' when Google Now is readily available in Jelly Bean is a real head scratcher. Google Now is light years better in every regard. Kind of like buying an Aston Martin and having them throw in a Fiat just for fun.

Anyway, just some initial impressions having hands-on time with both. For me it would be a no-brainer. Wife, OTOH just is fixated on having more screen real estate. happy wife, happy life!
I've owned both and I definitely like the DNA better on most things besides battery life, of course the note 2 was going to be better.

Also I'm not sure from your post but you do know the note 2 has google now as well right? I agree that s voice is no where near as good but it cant be viewed as a negative to have both, I just wasn't sure if you knew the note 2 had it or not.
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