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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
It appears thatn MACEYS doesnt beg to, yet they differ from our "mi-noot" opinion how they run their business. Being that none of us sits in on board meetimgs, it seems apparent the ceos and stockholders see a need to remove this loose cannon.
not exactly sure how you draw that conclusion

a few "loose cannons" (to coin a phrase)..... private unaffiliated citizens.... have started a campaign........ tantamount to girlscouts boycotting a store for not allowing cookie sales........ and you somehow believe this means ceos and stockholders want him out?

this is just another failed occupy tardville demonstration........ sponsored by extreme left wing idiots who wish to ban dissent

I suppose anyone who supports their right to free speech neglects to see the irony in trying to eliminate someone elses free speech

again.......... ermahgerd......... derp
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