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jhnelo please post copies of your system log.

Originally Posted by Dieben View Post
....It's probably caused by an app that worked fine under ICS on my RAZR MAXX but doesn't play well under JB on my Note II...

I will probably have to change the configuration of my ssFlicker until the developer updates ssFlicker for JellyBean.

Here is one of the warning messages that was written to the main Android system log on my phone during an "Unfortunately .... ":

12-24 19:07:03.040 W/InputEventReceiver(24347): Attempted to finish an input event but the input event receiver has already been disposed.

Which translates to:!msg/pdfnet-sdk/zYL1wqTeNtU/5iP0Ou8GSPsJ

".... JB is handling events differently from older versions of Android, thus breaking our logic of selecting the annotation from the quick menu. In this specific case, an ACTION_CANCEL is being delivered before we actually dismiss the quick menu. The documentation says that:

Views should always be prepared to handle ACTION_CANCEL and should tolerate anomalous situations such as receiving a new ACTION_DOWN without first having received an ACTION_UP for the prior gesture.

To fix that you need to treat the ACTION_CANCEL in the tools library (or whenever you are treating the events). In the onTouchEvent method of MenuView class (, add:

case MotionEvent.ACTION_CANCEL:
* * break; .... "
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