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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
no..... neither one of us know its what a single shareholder nor anyone in management wants to do..... you point to a story that clearly says a group of protesters... not one mention of anyone affiliated with the company

this is what people who desire to ban his free speech want to do

ban all dissent

why pretend its anything other than that?

Im all ears if you have something factual that says otherwise
I am glad you said that. Because I KNEW you would counter with it's what the company wants if I started out with the demands are circulating around the Maceys stores by thiusands of emoloyees and customers. Thank you.

Thank you for that last statement. I knew you would circle around to THAT if I started out making a comment that it is the board that makes the decisions. It proves that you didnt even read the linked article, but is bent in supporting JunkTrumpRants.

And your particular responses boils down to the same argument you tried to support Dumb Trump in a lost challenge posted in another discussion (click this link for reference).

The article clearly shows tha thousands upon thousands of growing petitioners including spokespersons, reps and customers of the Macy industries (who used to buy his crap) are sick and tired of this hairpiece blowing off the mouth as if hes some political figure to speak "for the (cough) people" in an "official challenger" to the president. The people, consumers (money) did not like his "Birth Certificate Derps" in the past and not how he reacted after a *** SECOND ELECTION***

Because of his unproffessional, unsolicited and self-assumimg actions, the "money" spent on Trump products in these stores are dwindling and about to cease. Let me spell it out for you now: When a product no longer proves profitable, it gets reviewed "by the board" in the end. Here's the sweet part: When enough of "you's and me's" (well can side with trump if you like) DRY UP the cash flow into these undesired products (yup thats what the article called "it's" fashion line), guess what?.....derp derp derp.

Thank you
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