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Originally Posted by colchiro View Post
Like I said before, if something doesn't install from the cminstall folder, rename the file to start with the word - update.

CWM6 and TWRP are both recoveries, but TWRP uses the touch screen where CWM use volume up/down to select things, home button to do the selected item and power as a "back" button. I run TWRP on all my devices, but the easiest way to install it would be via Goo manager (from Play Store). You can tap the menu button in Goo and choose "install open recovery" to replace CWM with TWRP. Recoveries made by CWM and TWRP cannot be opened by the other program.
Meh, doggonit, about what I expected, Android Keyboard AOSP still doesn't work now, so back to square one. Went back to Rolands 1216 cm10, installing that now, see you're on that forum as well which is great, much more active than here, see I'm not really alone on the confusion.

But at least clockworks is now installed and that's really nice to install updates without having to go back to Wyle Coyote's ACME everytime, just install form recovery, really nice, even did my first backup.

So coch, question for you, what are the masses of HP tp owners doing to alleviate the garbage design for battery charging? My wife finally found that her old Samsung SII charger actually charged the pad vs what she learned on forums with people tilting the pad on it's edge putting slight pressure on the miniusb, blah blah blah. It still gives us a message that it may not charge correctly by not using the OEM charger (which didn't work anyway). Any cool whizbang latest greatest approaches to fixing this issue you could share?

Another thing that's got my curiousity, if update-cm is the naming convention, why doesn't Scullins, Roland, etc use that when filenaming to begin with?

I understand the novacom method of install partitions, sounds like the clockworks direct install of zip files doesn't partition, thus I take it the novacom method is better to flash with?

I feel better knowing I'm not alone with these issues: But it looks like this guy was using the wrong version which Roland clarified. This just goes back to my point of clean guides which clearly state which files to use with which version, ie; cm9 needs xyz located here...with the following cm9 gaps located here.... what I keep coming across are guides stating here is the rom for cm9 and cm10, along with here are gapps files...the gapps being version specific constitute that clarification, albeit looks like they've cleaned the guide up a little recently, states it a little better.

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