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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
wow how to even respond to that

you posted a link to another thread trying to make me look stupid about some other failed argument over trump......... the only problem with that is there isnt 1 single mention of donald trump in the entire thread you linked to

then you try to proclaim...... in some kind of gibberish incoherent rambling..... that you somehow knew I would call you out on your lack of facts.... which therefore proves your lack of facts are correct?

I would say that you have not read the article........ theres not a single mention in the article of any customer, manager, board member, stock holder, or anyone who has ever even been inside a macys

the article says a group of protesters..... a very small group all things considered....... for all we know the people who signed this petition may not even know that Macys is a store (did you know its a store?) ........ they are simply protesting Trump

I believe in free speech.... you have your right to speak your mind........ even if what you want to do is limit someone elses right

but you really shouldnt make up stuff and pretend its otherwise

this is a group of people.... including yourself.... who believe the right to free speech only matters when it agrees with you

ban all dissent
Nobody tried to "make you look stupid", you started the argumentative atmosphere addimg so-called "derps" to make the discussion look moot and pointless.

It merely reminded me of a similar "convo" you and I had in Nov. No one asked you to post here. Your free speech is welcomed, and so is a response to your question.

If the topic irks you that much, have a nice day and participate elsewhere on the forum.
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