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Donald Trump dislikes Obama and he is vocal about his dislike. He thinks the Obama presidency is a travesty. He agrees with millions of Americans including myself.

The organizer of this protest selected an old photo of Trump. Not to be fair but to be mean. My guess is the majority of those that signed the petition either did not know what they were signing or they were told a few things about Trump that may or may not be true.

Some likely did not care ad certainly know nothing about Donald Trump but they want to feel included.

We know there are 400,000 signatures, but how many real ones? How many of those signers actually know anything other than what they have been spoon fed by the liberal side?

Trump is a good target to be sure. But so what? Trump said what he said and what he said is something I agree with except for the Birther parts. I admire the guy for making "the Donald' a brand people recognize and then build a great business on that.

The protesters certainly have a right to protest. But the public that watches this crap should have a right to some facts. About all some can do is dredge up old Trump stories like his bankruptcy which means almost nothing. They want to use it to further their causes and agendas and that is to damage Trump all the while forgetting his successes altogether.

Look, Trump is a smart and rather conservative guy and he is successful. He pays his fair share in taxes--both state and federal--and he does not like President Obama. This is why people like Trump are targeted by the left and for all we know, the protestor we are talking about is with the DNC.
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