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Originally Posted by wyndslash View Post
Yes. But I don't think we should stand by such obviously ridiculous laws.
So change the law. Make it illegal to fire someone who is too cute or far too lovely. Who decides who is too pretty or not pretty enough?

Perhaps a general law that says nobody can be fired for their looks, period. Does the new law include tattoos on the face or a bone through the nose? I can well imagine a tattoo covered person with a bone through his or her nose will be listened to in the boardrooms of Apple or GE.

I think companies should be allowed to fire you, hire you or not hire you for any reason, including gender, religion and race.

I am sure there are companies that would prefer to not hire black people. I say let them have their way and my guess is the public will be outraged, the company will suffer and we won't need to go to court.
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