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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
and there is the exact problem with your argument......... you fail to see 2 things:

A) the law and justice are not synonymous........ the law trumps justice every time...... its the law

B) saved you a little time since you cant find it on your own 6 year old commits crime yawn
Some laws are fair. Not being able to drink and drive comes to mind.

Some laws are passed with good intent, like the laws governing property rights. I would fight a law that allows you to build certain kinds of businesses in my neighborhood, like a junk yard or high traffic retail store.

Some laws are so odd, me telling you about them would brand me a liar and some laws are outdated and they need to be revised. And some rule makers ignore the US Constitution when they try to pass a law.

Here in Utah, some astute observer noticed a new law tacked on the ass end of a bill few people even knew was due to be passed that would give the state of Utah the right to charge us for rainwater. They maintained that the rain is Utah state property.

Some laws start out fair and are perverted. For example, the laws that allow the government to basically give your property to a business, started out as good laws that allow a hospital or fire station to be build in an area where there are none. This serves the public good. If you own a home and you are paid next to nothing for your property is good for me because it brings essential services to my area and you must take one for the community. You likely do not think that as you watch your house taken away.

Unfortunately, the public does not understand the law. When they are read their rights, they learn that sometimes, fairness and the written law are not the same thing. Sometimes, laws are passed to help us all and sometimes, bad laws are passed that help just a few.

Some people just look at what they think is the fairness of the law rather than the written law. I know a landlord that would lock your apartment and take your stuff if you did not pay the rent. This was routine in my area. They came to find out that it was illegal. You cannot kick out a renter until you go to court and properly evict someone. And you cannot keep them out of their apartment or take their stuff because it is against the law.
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