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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
so in your opinion a 15 year old who would do these things is messed up all around and beyond rehabilitation........ and that may be true........ but thats not even close to the law...... the law says or at least said at the time....... that hes a child and can only be rehabilitated....... and only until hes 18
Some human organisms are just so sick and defective they cannot be fixed. We are too bloody caught up in this idea that we can fix everyone if we throw enough cash and time their way.

That every bad person is misunderstood.

That every bad kid has bad parents.

I am sick and tired of it.

Some kids need to be kept away from society because they are complex machines that cannot be repaired. This little kid needs to be locked away until he is 18 and then revisited. If he still seems to be malfunctioning, he is simply put away until he dies of old age.
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