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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
what if you later found out that same guy at the age of 15 was in a sexual relationship with a 40 year old woman.... would you also want that woman arrested for statutory rape?
Doesn't the law cover this? Depending on the laws in his area at the time, perhaps she cannot be tried due to how old the crime is. Stature of limitations might say, no, she cannot be tried.

Public outcry might demand we place her head on a pike.

And a prosecutor might decide to try to take her to court not because he or she really cares, but because they want to appear to be doing the right thing. A jury might find her guilty even though she should not be in court in the first place.

I think most 15 year old males are not damaged by the trauma of this "rape." They likely relish it and brag about it and they likely know what is going on. We males are built and driven to procreate at a much earlier age than 15 years.

All I know is everyone here is guilty of a crime because there are vast numbers of laws on the books.
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