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Originally Posted by pbf98 View Post
I don't think employers should be able to fire for just any reason. You hired them because you thought they would live up to your expectations, and if they continue to do so and give no actual reason to be fired, why fire them?

If an employee does start to lack on why you hired them, or just don't live up to the potential you see in them, sure let them go. But if they are doing their job how they are supposed to, and meeting expectations why punish them?

Thats just my thoughts..
Unfortunately, it often spins out of control. You hire a pregnant woman that started strong and just cannot keep up and you fire her FOR THAT REASON, there is a chance you will be sued because you fired a pregnant woman.

Ditto all other protected classes. You fire them for legitimate reasons and they sometimes return with their lawyers.

I think you should be able to hire or fire anyone for any reason. Lots of people are (and always have been) fired for reasons that employers will never say publicly. You fire a black person because he "cant perform his job." You fire a pregnant woman because "she might come into contact with solvents" You likely will never know that the reasons these people were fired is because their supervisors hate black people and things pregnant women are ugly.

Nothing new here.
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