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Originally Posted by varxtis View Post
I am brand spanking new to rooting. the only thing Ive rooted (or Modded) before are PSPs. I wanted to start rooting my tablets and phones so that I could do video screen captures for tutorials that I want to make for my parents, and also to be able to do wifi tethering. I rooted my Tablet, but When review the instructions to root my phone, I get really confused. There just seems to be so many issues posted by users because they either didnt have the exact version of android needed, or an exact version of some set of drivers.

My Phones System Version: 6.7.246.xt875
Model Number: Droid Bionic
Android Version: 4.04 (which is ICS right?)
Ive read through pretty much every post but Im still pretty confused. The last time the main post was updated was in feb, and the closest update post seems to be the following:

I know that you have/had a play goin on, so if it still takes a while Ill be patient. I just wanted an idea of when updates might be available, or a finger pointing in the right direction... and hopefully not the middle one :\ though I could appreciate the frustration. But non-the-less please help me.

Also, where can I get a closer look at the legal issues if I root for tethering purposes? I have Verizon.

I ran into a video on youtube that suggests a "one-click" root method. Is this legitimate or safe?
Rooting the Bionic is fairly easy if you follow the steps outlined but bin your case it is not needed. To take screen shots it is built into ICS just hold volume down and the power button till you hear the shutter. As for tethering you can use an app called foxfi no root needed just search for it the play store. When it comes to tethering being legal it depends on your plan, if you are on a tiered data plan (2g, 4g ...) then tethering is included and you can use the hotspot on the phone. If you still have an unlimited data plan then it is not included an it is $30 a month but can be prorated ( if you use it for 1 day it will cost about a dollar) or you can use a tethering app for free but if Verizon finds out they can come after you legally and cancel your contract.
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