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Originally Posted by TorontoCCWGuy View Post
As a longtime cellphone dealer (since 1985) with several locations and service I would caution EVERYONE USING THE USB CONNECTION on ANY cellphone. Why? USB connections are generally flimsy and open to dirt and (yes, believe it or not, we have even seen apple pie in them) other contaminants. They are also very susceptible to vibration and mechanical stresses. We see an enormous number of phones coming in that have defective USB sockets on them, either filled with apple pie and other crud, or even worse (apple pie can be cleaned out with a toothbrush) the connector has been stresses against the circuit board to the extent that it has busted the solder connections, broken or lifted the foils, etc. The latter problems are generally big bucks to repair; in the order of water damage repair. They tend to toss the PC board and replace it with a new one. Best at this point to just get a new phone.... it is often cheaper.

Sorry to be so verbose, but I just want to warn folks against using docking stations or anything that uses the USB port on their phone. I cannot comment on the Note 2 specifically but I can say, in general, I have seen hundreds if not thousands of defective USB ports. Never force a connection... never wiggle the connector/cable.... be gentle and your phone will treat you well.

For what it is worth.
I dont think it should be a problem for anyone using care to make the connection..... if on the other hand just using the connection causes problems, then how would you recomend charging the phone? Is there a wireless charger that you can recommend?? I havent seen one!

I think if one uses a cable instead of a dock that connects directly there should be no problem unless the user has a cronic problem with up/down orientation. Personally, I always make some sort of mark on the cable connection so there is no mistaking which side is up . I would imagine most of the 1000's of repairs you refer to were caused either because someone is a moron or by youngsters that have not yet had to buy their own phone and try to force the connection with the wrong orientation. Im constantly amazed how stupid some people can be and you only have to force it once to break it!
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