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Originally Posted by Gmash View Post
I'm tired of the reporters walking down the street and asking everybody the same asinine questions-"where were you when it happened?", "how does it make you feel?", "did you ever think this could happen here?" Ugh. On the other hand, some of the parents really want to talk about their children. A couple have invited Anderson Cooper into their homes to talk about their kids, and it was extremely moving. I do think it's enough with the 24/7 coverage. If they have something new to report, fine. Otherwise give it a rest.

I think some of the people who come to the ridiculous teddy bear monument are there just to try to get on TV. Sad thing about our reality show/fame whore culture.
I totally agree with you. The media really needs to stop talking about this horror and let everyone that are directly affected to be able to mourn their loss in peace. The more attention the media gives to this killer, the more it gives other potential killers ideas that it's ok and how "glorifying" this can be for them. Why can't the news/media portray and repeat more positive deeds people have done that have impacted their community rather than constantly talking about a travesty?
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