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Originally Posted by knidukdev View Post
Hi, I'm not sure if you ever resolved this issue, but I am in somewhat of a similar boat.

I returned from the UK with the an unlocked Galaxy Note (GT-N7000).

I have been using Pay As You Go T-Mobile, but only with EDGE as data.

I saw that the Note uses the same frequency as AT&T and figured I could at least get 3G from them. I went into the store and one of the sales people said I need to configure the "internet settings" for my Galaxy Note to have a data connection on AT&T.

He put the SIM card from the Galaxy Note on display and put it into my Note. I got full bars, but there was no little letter (E, 3G, H, etc.)

Is this sales person correct? If yes, how can the internet/data settings be tweaked?

What can be done to use my phone?

The problem is you are using it with T-Mobile which uses a different frequency for 3G/4G data than AT&T here in the U.S. AT&T uses the 1900 MHz band while T-Mobile uses 1700 MHz. Without the appropriate frequency you will only get edge speed data.
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