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Originally Posted by mattyj7183 View Post
I am also curious about this. I am S-Off with HBOOT 1.04 running CM 10 in my HTC EVO V 4g. I also did everything in Leslie Ann's guide here -> <- and I haven't had MMS working. From what I have read it has to do with the APN settings but I don't know how to change them in Jelly Bean, they're not in the same place as ICS. Additionally, I have tried a few of the APN editor apps in the Play Store but they wouldn't work. They all FCed when I opened them and they were supposedly compatible with our phones. Any Ideas??

I forgot to mention. I tried to dial ##3282# and nothing happened. No menus all. Weird, right?

If you feel like you want to fiddle with APNS in Jelly bean or ICS, use the voice dialer and speak 'Open APNs'

you'll get the apn menu to come up. I've tried all that, doesn't make any difference regarding mms for me.. If you find something that works I'd be quite intersted as I love stock jelly bean, but my girlfriend is addicted to sending mms.
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