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Originally Posted by Masema View Post
I've done done experimenting with moving decorations around while a Craft building is processing. The game is surprisingly very strict about this.

To get a bonus from a decoration, the decoration must be present from the time you stock the Craft building until the time the money bag appears over it (in other words, the entire time the building is processing and running its animation).

I tried placing a decoration after stocking the building, no bonus. I tried removing a decoration after stocking, no bonus. I tried moving a decoration away then back while stocking, no bonus. I even tried moving the decoration one square, still within range of the target building, and even that lost me the bonus. Storing the decoration in the building storage temporarily also removed the bonus.

Note that you can move/remove the decoration after the money bag appears but before you collect the money. Also, moving one decoration doesn't affect the bonus given by other decorations stacked on the same building.

I also noticed that moving a craft building into storage after stocking it with goods causes the goods to be refunded.

For those with rooted devices (or the ability to backup & restore game data, if that's available without rooting), there's also a minor exploit available. If you get one of the magic crates, you can exit the game and backup the data BEFORE opening it. Then, if you don't like what you got, restore the backup and try again.

I'm working on a spreadsheet listing all the available buildings and their stats. If anyone is interested I can post that when I finish.

On a related note (related to me being a nerd), does anyone know a formula or method to determine optimum choices in multi-variable calculations? I'm trying to determine the best crop to plant, but I'm having trouble quantifying the choices. For instance, Wheat gives by far the most yield per time, but the energy and babysitting costs of course outweigh that... However, I can't seem to think of how to let the spreadsheet figure out the best crop based on the cost (in coins, time, and energy) vs yield.... I'm probably over thinking this, I have a feeling the "best" crop is actually subjective, based on how often you want to check in (and when you want to check in next, i.e. plant longer grow-time crops before going to sleep, etc.).

Failing that, what crops do you all use?
I use the lily. Are there any plants that produce certain items like screws? Also I am interested in the spreadsheet.
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