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Originally Posted by Tomo1971 View Post
From what little I have seen or used Google now, it's pretty awesome. I today searched for a company nearby using safari and Google search on my mac. Not long after, directions to said company showed up on Google now.

Set an appointment etc in s-planner with an address and it does the same and tells you what time you need to leave to get there for the appointment time.

Any time I leave home it tells me how far I am away from home. I'm sure it does more and I'm just scratching the surface
You saw the address, because you have the research topics setting in Google+ is ON. The one negative of this is, say you search for a football or MLB team, GNOW will auto add them to you sports section. I find this annoying.

As I said before I like the features, but I find them repetitive as I use the calendar and have reminders enabled for various calendar appointments. For someone that doesn't use their calendar, this may be helpful.
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