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I just gave a Klu to a lady friend of my wife for Christmas. And since she is an elderly women without technical skills, she gave it back to me for setup.

Now I am not a big Android expert myself. Just got a Nexus 7 a couple of weeks ago and am still fighting with that.

In that, this thread is very helpful. I don't know whether I really want to root the Klu (did that with the N7 though). I am just afraid that I will brick it. At age 75, the neurons work very slowly.

I read this in one of the posts here and I wonder whether it is really worth the trouble to root the Klu.
and I've got to say its just not worth all the extra work. Whether you can get everything you want from the Amazon Appstore or not, avoid the task of loading the Google Play Store for now. Amazon's appstore rivals Google Play in usefulness
I did get the Amazon store working. The friend does not need a lot of fancy apps. Just some games such as Scrabble or Sudoku.

What do you guys think ??

For the rest, I am really impressed on how much tablet I got for $59. The thing is amazing. A lot of functions are easier than on my /7. E.g. when I attached a USB stick with the OTG cable, it was immediately recognized and I could read from it. Another BIG advantage is the Micro SD card that the N/7 does not have. I wish Asus would have spent the extra few pennies to put it in.

I am also impressed by the speed of the Klu. Considering that it has only a single core CPU, it does a splendid job. The only downside seems to be that the Klu case is a bit instable. For tapping you better put it on a solid surface. When you hold the device in your hand, it seems to twist and warp and tapping does not always produce the desired result.
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