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So I've tried numerous times to figure out what the difference between the Verizon/U.S. Cellular version and the AT&T/T-Mobile/Sprint version of the battery is and nobody is able to tell me.

I call tech support and they make guesses and don't even know what the correct mAh of the battery is. I had one guy arguing with me that NFC was not on the back cover and it was indeed imbedded into the battery on all note 2s. I had another guy stating that the battery is 2400mAh for all note 2s.

I call the accessories department and they seem to have their heads screwed on tight but they don't know the difference either. They tell me tech support would be able to tell me the difference. Seems to me tech support doesn't know their butt from a hole in the ground. Samsung should really crack down on these people who are supposed to have product knowledge.

Either way, the accessories department tells me that even though the Spare battery charging kit came with the AT&T/Sprint/T-Mobile version of the battery, it is listed as a compatible accessory so I shouldn't have to worry about it affecting the Verizon model of the phone at all.
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