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Originally Posted by dmodert66 View Post
My absolute favorite (but do not drink too often due to cost) :

Name: Delirium Tremens
Style: Belgian Golden Ale (8.5% ABV)
Cost: $12 / 750ml Bottle (retail)
Random Fact (from wikipedia, but still true ) : Delirium tremens is Latin for "trembling madness", commonly nicknamed "the DTs", indicating a violent sickness induced by withdrawal after alcohol abuse. Although it is commonly thought that sufferers hallucinate pink elephants, which may explain its use on the beer's label, the most common animals seen in delirium tremens hallucinations are cats, dogs, and snakes.
I vaguely remember a beer called Eku that got into double-digits of alcohol content. It was as strong as most wines, which is remarkable because it tasted like spoiled berries. Maybe I got a bad 6-pack, but at the price I paid, I didn't try another!
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