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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
I said in another post - I signed up for Gmail when it first came out. I don't remember seeing anything in the TOS that you would be required to use all services or whatever services Google might initiate. The same for store under the name Market. All you needed was a Gmail account. To use Market fully, any customer should be able to leave a review as it was before. I also don't remember a full profile being necessary. Google just accepted what I put in there long ago. Google changed the rules in mid stream on some of us. Some of used YouTube before Google got it. Isn't agreeing to the TOS the same as a contract? MS and some other companies think so. If the TOS is binding on users, then it's binding on the company.
Except that most (if not all TOS) include the right of the company to update/modify the TOS/EULA at any time, and that they will let users know about it.

Google did that.

Let's be clear about what's really going on. Google is competing with Apple (iOS), Microsoft (Windows 8), and Facebook, and to do so they are moving closer and closer to Google, and all its products, being part of an "eco-system".

If you haven't heard that term used before in this context (and if not, where have you been?) Google isn't the first to do this. In the present context, that would be apple. With their walled garden approach to iOS, and integration of iPhone, iPod, iPad and the new iMacs, their intention is to get you to buy in to the whole "Apple" lifestyle, and by keeping you there generate more revenue.

MS and Facebook are doing the same thing in their own ways.

Google is just playing this same game in order to compete. One of the reason a lot of non-technical people gush about Apple is because of this ecosystem concept, that everything "just works" together. They can buy in to the whole thing, and never have to leave it, and be where their friends are, etc.

So that is the real reason all these changes were made. Android is no longer its own "thing", nor is Gmail, or any of the other Google components, they are all part of one big thing, which, if you wanted to, you could refer to as the real Google OS.

As I've said before, NO ONE is forcing you to use Google+. You NEVER have to use it. If you leave an app review in the Play store now, the ONLY thing it will show is your name as it is associated with your account. When someone clicks on your name, it will take them to that G+ page which will have nothing BUT your name if you've never used it. Your reviews will NOT show up on Google+. Anyone who says they will is lying, or is ignorant of the truth.

SUPER USER TIP: If you are going to keep using Android, and don't want your real name associated with your Play reviews, create a new Gmail address, and give it the name "Bob Johnson". Since Google doesn't require you to provide ID to sign up, they will not know it isn't you. Use that new Gmail account for your Android device.

TL-DR: The reality of it is as follows:

1. Companies do reserve the right to change TOS/EULA, and you agree to this when you accept the TOS/EULA. Read them.

2. Companies let you know when they are updating/modifying TOS/EULA. Google did that too.

3. NO ONE is forcing you to use G+. You DO NOT need to post anything there, EVER.

4. If you leave a review on the Play store, it will NOT show up in G+. anyone who says otherwise is lying or mistaken.

From the Google Blog Jan 24th 2012:

And yes, I got an emaiil about that. and EVERY tech blog wrote about it.

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