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Originally Posted by andy9l View Post
It's the whole feel of TouchWiz though - not just the home launcher. I'm already using Nova Launcher Prime - which is great, as a launcher.

The TW lock screen, for example, looks like something a child would make. The notification bar is perfect as it comes from Google, why did Samsung feel the need to change it? The gallery looks like a "my first website", and the bloatware...well. They're a few from the top of my head.

TouchWiz is unprofessional, especially aesthetically. That's my personal opinion, at least. Things like "double-tap to top" don't even work anyway so I'm not fussed about losing the buggy features bundled with TW.

I've been looking at SuperNexus Build 5 - anyone have any experience with this? Looks pretty sound - my only concern being that he claims to be 16 years old. Not sure if that's a nerd joke or not.

Edit: You're a very knowledgeable guy - any chance you could give a rough overview on how to apply one of these custom ROMs?

As I understand it, I need to root (somehow!), install CWM (somehow!), copy a zipped ROM over to the phone, along with a Google apps .zip, use CWM to install both. Sound about right? Any advice for the actual rooting step?
First thing first, let's get you rooted. We'll worry about the custom roms when you're done. Follow this guide and you should be fine. Just take your time and ask any questions you need
S3 Root Guide, guide for returning to stock + video [UPDATE: new, easier, single flash method]

If the look of touchwiz is your main gripe you'll be able to flash a stock android look theme onto whatever Rom you choose.
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