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Originally Posted by Kamau View Post
Let me tell you all something.
The Mrs & myself lost our kids for almost a year because of whipping ones ass when he got out of line. But long story short, we have told those people that when our children get too far out, we will whoop that ass again because they are OUR children, and we will. CPS does not scare me, nor will they tell me how to raise my children, or when/how I punish them.
Part of the problem is this: take one over protective and ever so evil CPS worker hell bent on proving you are a child abuser and you can be deep in it before you notice all that brown stuff piling up on the soles of your feet.

You have read about the abuses and to be fair, I do not want to paint them all with the same dirty brush. So I'll simply say, SOME CPS workers have, in the past, caused parents grief.

Give a bad CPS worker custody of your child for a few hours, and he or she can prove you abused your kid. They can make your youngster say you did something bad because the kid is scared and eventually, he or she will tell the investigators what they want to hear. Then you are likely screwed.

Do these things happen all the time? No. I am not sure how many parents are charged or how many kids are taken away. I'll say it does happen and I'll say if you ever became the subject of a CPS "investigation," find a good lawyer because you will need one.

I do not fear them but I do not have kids. I just know if you tick off the investigator, his or her mission in life can be to get you and I suspect the needs of your children take a back seat to the investigation as well as your kid.

So do not fear them, just understand if they take an interest in your family, you darn well better take it seriously.
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