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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
hmm im thinking people should not speak disrespectful of a president in office. its funny how the "respect" seems to always be a one-way road then when somethimg is stated about a "great hope" its disrespective. birth cirtificates, (cough) "free stuff" and telepromptsbare unfair, sewhat lazy...and barely shock andbawebtobget abpoint with not much point across.

just my peso
Well, if it is a 50 Peso Mexican gold coin, it can be worth perhaps $1,600.00. So perhaps your peso is worth something after all, RicoA.

One should respect the office of the president. Just do not start thinking that criticism is being rude or mean or disrespectful or nasty. I respect the Office of the President of the United States, but I also know that President Obama is making far too many mistakes.

Regardless, one must always respect arguably the most powerful man on the planet. I do not like President Obama, but that is not disrespect. This president has stifled business and caused problems. The facts bear this out.

Sadly, quoting facts often leads to accusations of being disrespectful, so I'll shut up.

I do think some people are disrespectful of the President and the office. They use rudeness and cruelty to try to make a point. Sadly, when you point out the problems with facts, you are called a liar or worse.

Criticizing the president is often taken as being nasty or rude or disrespectful. One can respect the man and be critical of his policies and actions at the same time.

Until the press respects the forth estate and people learn a little something more than sound bites, you will not be able to say anything about the President without being called bad things accused of disrespecting the Office of the President of the United States. Any man rising to that level in American politics deserves some measure of respect for getting there.

I would gladly work for the POTUS. Not sure he would hire a strong conservative, however. That only happens on the West Wing. If I were to meet President Obama, I would be absolutely respectful because the office demands it, as does common decency.
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