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The Internet is based upon pointless points. You are now part of the Fifth Estate.

The press selects pictures to make a point, good or bad or fair or unfair. If they love Trump, chances are good that the picture will look good. Not always.

I see great pictures of Trump in my latest issue of "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous and Glorious Trump." It was edited by Donald Trump because he told the editor, "You're Fired." I got a free subscription when I bought a case of "Trump - The Fragrance" at a Macey's 'going out of the Donald business' sale.

I recall the pictures of OJ. There was a publication that used a truly scary picture and later, a routine booking image, not so scary. The first picture was grainy, too much contrast and likely adjusted just to make OJ look evil.

As I recall, the bad look was used by a publication out to get OJ. Nick Nolte's arrest image was used for effect and I know you have seen that pic. He looked horrible.

Admittedly, the press uses pictures that shock to get people to read the article. Nothing new there.

I recall a quote, I will paraphrase: "a lie will go round the world while truth is pulling on its boots.
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