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Originally Posted by Rico ANDROID View Post
Hes already costed The Republicans....
To be clear, are you saying Trump's antics have cost the Republican Party something or another?

I'll proceed as though that is what you are saying. Corrections are welcome.

Yes. Sadly, yes, I think there is a modicum of truth in your comment.

We live in a world where one famous but silly Republican can cost his party something because many voters apparently think someone like a Trump represents the entire party.

Therefore, a bad Trump means a bad Republican party in the eyes of many.

What has cost the Republican party is the lack of action, the lack of a strong conservative and the lack of direction. No focus and no plan to solve the problems. Certainly not Mr. Trump!

I can guarantee the economy would improve if I were elected. I say this with absolute and zero BS confidence because what needs to be done is simple and straight-forward. I might not get elected because I KNOW what needs to be done will hurt many Americas. What needs to be done will be very hard on some people.

Forgetting the Senate and Congress, however. They can screw things up.

I think had a republican been elected, he or she might very well avoid his or her campaign promises. I do not see real changes until a strong conservative forgets about getting re-elected, grabs the country and drags it screaming and kicking out of the mess.

I guarantee what Trump does did not affect how I voted.
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