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Default Samsung's phone popularity - why?

Yes. I do realize the vast majority of you are running around with Samsung phones. But I'm being sincere, not inflammatory, when I say I don't understand why Samsung phones are so popular? For me personally I dislike the company's phones. I dislike that all of their phones and their tablets (and now even their win 8 laptop hybrids) use thin bendy plastics to encase their products. I absolutely cannot stand buying electronics of any sort that use thin flimsy plastics. But yet people buy their phones up in droves. I just don't get it! The only thing I can think of is it must be some combination of already being an established TV and PC monitor brand name and good marketing.

It just confuses me how many people - and we're talking a big margin here not just a small difference, which is why I don't get it - will stand in a store and see nice brushed metal, or Kevlar, or [insert whatever solid non flimsy material here that looks and feels better than thin bendy plastic] phones and tablets, often even running the exact same OS, and then pick up the plastic one and say "oh yes, give me this one for sure!"

Yeah, this is a bit of a rant, but there's a reason for it - manufacturers copy success. Brand names looking to emulate Samsung's phone popularity also deciding to pump out plastic phones and tablets is not something I relish the thought of.
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