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Well, I have one Samsung phone (Galaxy Nexus) but have owned phones or tablets from Motorola, HTC and Asus. They all have their merits.
The Droid was seriously built like a tank. That thing could be dropped over and over without leaving a scratch.
My Gnex is all plastic, yes, but I'm not worried about its build quality. It's just over a year old and without really ever using a case, it has just one scratch on the corner.

To give an answer about their popularity, I think there's a few reasons:
-They make a ton of different phones from entry level to high end.
-They actually MARKET their phones with ads on TV and billboards.
-Their phones are pretty darn good. I'm no fan of TouchWiz, but it adds some pretty good enhancements in place.
-Yes, they're made of plastic, but most people have cases on their phones. The iPhone is made of metal but I rarely see anyone without a huge Otterbox case on theirs.
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