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Originally Posted by andy9l View Post
Still, before I bother voiding my warranty on a 500 device, I want to have a reason for doing so. Rooting for the sake of having root access isn't enough for me.
Warranty can be "un-voided"

Originally Posted by andy9l View Post
Nightly builds have the potential to brick a device, according to AOKP devs - so I'm a little nervous about that.
You can't brick a device with a ROM. Even flashing a ROM from another device is recoverable. This is an exaggeration... From the competition.

Flashing Radios, Recoveries and bootloaders from other devices are where potential bricks come in. A ROM simply inhabits the /system partition, which can be formatted and reflashed from recovery.

You know you want a ROM so you're not rooting for nothing. Just because you don't know which one yet doesn't mean you're wasting your time.
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