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Default Someone put a SIM card in my stolen phone that is still linked to my Google Play account

My car got broken into in September, and amongst other things my cell phone was stolen. I had never had a SIM card in it and had never used it's telephone capabilities, I bought it when I was traveling in India because I wanted to be able to use wifi and listen to music, etc.

I recently logged onto my Google Play account and noticed that "Fido" (phone company in Canada) is now listed as the Carrier and that it was most recently used today. I have never been with Fido since I don't live in the city, and obviously I haven't used it since it was stolen in September. I can also see several apps that they have downloaded to it.

I filed a police report in September. When I found out that my phone was being used with Fido, I gave them a call to see what could be done. They told me nothing could be done with the IMEI number, which I was able to get by calling Google. When I called Fido back they said that I would have to get the police to talk to them instead, which I did. The told the officer in charge of my case that there was nothing that they could do without the phone number or the number of the SIM card. They also didn't seem to believe that I would be able to get the carrier information from Google Play. I seem to be getting the run around from Fido.

The officer in charge of my case is not an expert on cell phones but he would be happy to pursue the matter further if I could point him in the right direction. Since I am still able to download apps to the phone from the Google Play website, I am wondering if anyone knows of an app that would be able to provide me with the current phone number of that cell phone. I have looked at a few apps like Plan B which could provide me with the location of the phone, but the police have already told me that if it gives me the location of an apartment complex there is little that they can do. If I can get the phone number I think there is a much better chance of finding the person who is using the phone. Does anyone know of an app that would work for this?


PS: I am more concerned with finding the people who took my phone and discouraging people from buying stolen property than I am with actually getting my phone back. I accepted its loss a long time ago. If we do nothing, however, it only encourages people to continue to steal from us!
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