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Originally Posted by varxtis View Post
Its just, I know for a fact that one of the previous versions of droid firmware, or one of the previous phones did in fact have the option of choosing where downloads are saved, as well as where camera images are saved. It just seems really odd that it wouldn't have that feature. If the phones internal memory card/storage is only 8GB but you have a 32GB removable SD card speficially for multi-media storage and downloads, it kind of defeats the ppurpose if the phone forces a user to download to the internal memory storage, which would be filled in no time. Having to manually go in a export files downloaded from the internal memory to the removable card just seems... dumb. A simple coding in the system programming that gives users an option at their own risk seems fundamentally sound. (*proceeds dropping to the ground, rolling around, kicking and screaming, yelling "I want it I want it I want it* as if thatll help lol) in otherwords, Im sure it can't be changed, so sorry for whining.
Well, the camera *does* still have the option to set the storage location - but your choices are
  • Internal storage
  • sdcard

Unfortunately, Moto has internal storage mapped to sdcard, so....

Originally Posted by Thom Little View Post
You might want to take a look at ... Download Manager for Android ... I think it does much of what you want that browsers are not supporting.

... Thom
lol I saw that yesterday and was going to share it - thanks!

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