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Originally Posted by PrinceCorwin View Post
No, most of us don't know what it truly entails. I personally do but I and others like me are few compared to the mind muddled masses. Most of them think that socialism and communism are characteristics of overtly evil and oppressive governments as seen in Hollywood movies. They don't realize they are being led down that road in subtle baby steps. Before long it may be too late to turn back without a revolution. But most undercover socialist would just smirk at that comment and say something like... "What a nut!"
And actually, I hope they are right... I'd rather be crazy than oppressed or enslaved.

And another thing, why do people so readily agree to have something outlawed when they have no personal interest in them (i.e. guns). I mean, I have absolutely no use for game consoles (PS3, Xbox, etc...) and I DO think they contribute to the poor acedemic acheivement of our youth but I would NEVER, for ANY reason agree to outlaw said products simply because certain people choose to use them irresponsibly. Know what I mean, Vern?
You see, I dont see how one can truly claim we need a revolution to avoid socialism when we are the furthest away from it since the mid 1800s.

Socialism is a dead duck. People wont vote to have washing machine manufacturers nationalised purely for some ideal. They dont want an entirely state run economy. The most socialised economies in the world have government spending at maybe 45-50% of GDP. Thats is not socialism.

Across the world, socialist policies have been veered away from. India, has abandoned its failed experiment with it, thanks to the outside intervention of the IMF. In America, the idea of raising taxes is met with howls. Places like Denmark and Sweden are extremely business friendly, tailoring their economies around it.

Socialism is where the government controls the economy almost in its entirety. Its where once you go above a set number of employees or sales you get nationalised. The US is not heading there. The world is not.

One can have socialist systems without a socialist state. Most countries do, to varied extents.
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