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Do media vultures perpetuate mass shootings? -

Just why are people so damn nosy? Are their lives that freaking dull that they have to feed on the misery of others?

About guns - I don't like the powerful ones, but I wouldn't mind having a small shotgun and a load of rock salt to nail those damn mulies. I think there should be a much longer waiting period to buy one. If it was more difficult, then maybe the careless idiots that leave guns where kids can get at them or the guns can be stolen would be a little more careful. The guns couldn't be replaced on just a whim.

Stick a chip in any new guns. The gun can be tracked at any time. Legal and careful users should have no problem. The hunters who blast away at anything that moves, domestic livestock, other hunters should have a problem. There will be black boxes in all new cars - why not chip guns?
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