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You're confusing me again!

Originally Posted by AngelicCore View Post
I have a folder full of songs which are spread across lots of appropriately named folders (Artist Names)

I am trying to upload that folder "as it is" to the phone.

Doesn't just searches inside the folder you select for audio files and copies them into a single directory.

Originally Posted by AngelicCore View Post
hmm not working
yes you can select a folder using chrome
but all it does is open all files in that folder and subfolders and copy them as a whole
Isn't the latter what you want? Copying the entire directory STRUCTURE to the phone? Directories, subdirectories, files in all the subdirectories, etc.?

Would you mind posting a screenshot sequence of what you're doing? That might help solve the mystery. When I use the 'select folder' option, I navigate to the directory I want, single left-click on it (to highlight it), and then select 'open.' That's it--the directory and all its contents upload to my phone.

btw even in chrome drag and drop is not working
I don't normally drag and drop (I'm an old UNIX person ), but I tried just now to see. I got exactly the same result you did.
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