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Originally Posted by OcalaFlGuy View Post
Some Avid thoughts.

I handled a non-op model at a local store yesterday. It actually looks and feels very nice, not cheap at all even though it's screaming No Gorilla Glass the whole time.

I've watched a bunch of the side by side YouTubers with it and the Motion. For me, that's been enlightening.

In ALL the benchmark tests the Motion is POUNDING the Avid in results. The Motion is sitting there enjoying an after test smoke and a Mojito while the Avid is still huffing and puffing and saying I think I can, I think I can with steam pouring out of it's little phone ears.... Also interesting that one tester says his benchmark readings for the Avid are swinging MUCH wider than usual sometime by a factor of 100%. I am no pooder expert but that has me wondering if the 512 meg RAM is having a hard time keeping up with the dual core processor. I found it VERY interesting that on the video frames per minute part of the tests, the Avid moves a lot like my single processor DX with the same 512 meg RAM. My DX is basically a fine phone but I do notice some micro-lag (?) with it sometimes. I am thinking the Motion is just going to end up being a much smoother running phone.

While the pixels say the Avid should be a nicer display, that ISN'T apparent in the Motion/Avid side by side YouTubers. In fact in one of them, the Avid has a nasty green/blue tinge to the colors and they were much more washed out than the Motion.

I suspect Metro will sell a bunch of the Avids to people who don't pay much attention to any specs other than screen size. It will probably work fine for most people unless they've had higher quality phones to compare them to.

I haven't seen anything to make me wish I'd gotten the Avid over the Motion except that missing .5" of screen.

Bruce in Ocala, FL
Thanks for posting this as I was considering the Avid as my next phone. Don't laugh i currently run on Samsung Admire rooted Rom'd etc .. me and my girl have the same setup and it is a perfectly working phone. But I know it is way lacking power ram internal memory etc of anything out today. I have had them a year now and need to stay 100-150 range due to buying x2 factor I will have to do. Any other opinions about this phone out there?
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