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Originally Posted by Fuzzy13 View Post
Well if the digi is cracked as well then it will need to be replaced.

The actual process of replacing the LCD or Digi is not that hard really. Most people buy them both together so that you don't have to heat up the glue to pull the digi off the LCD. That's the hardest part of the process as it can be tricky. So if you buy them together then it's just a matter taking some screws out. I think there is some videos for the Esteem on Youtube somewhere.

As far as which ones to buy I dont know. I have not bought any so I cant say one way or another. I would do a google search and see what other people say about whichever ones you are looking at. Someone somewhere has bought one and has wrote about it online so you should be able to find some info somewhere on it.

Hope this helps. Good luck
Originally Posted by mitchell0715 View Post
Awesome thank you. I ended up ordering the whole front section of the phone for about 51$ shipped. It should go in easily and it will say verizon on the top but i could care less. Didn't even think about the dust particle thing but I'll be careful. Should be relatively easy, thanks again!

Yea, the digitizer is actually glued to the front half of the phone housing, not the lcd display itself, which is what I call plastic welded to the front half as well.

With the whole front half you should be ok with the dust particle aspect lol. I learned that lesson with the Revo I replaced the digitizer on. lol Not noticeable when its on really, but you see em when its off or the screen is off.
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