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Originally Posted by A.Nonymous View Post
Our founding fathers disagreed. Our country started by overthrowing a tyrannical government. Just saying.
However, back then, if you were an atheist, well, good luck to you and your kin. You had better have a belief in a God that was acceptable to the local populous or you were likely screwed. You better be in church on Sunday or No Soup for You! Saying that you had a different view or saying there is no proof of the existence of God and you might be crucified.

So much for that whole freedom of speech thing.

Admitting you did not believe in God meant you were likely crazy. Same view many hold to this day. Many escaped other countries because of religious persecution and arrived here where practicing certain beliefs were not really allowed, either. A moot point, perhaps, because these folks were believers for the most part.
Certainly, the United States is a place where those with different religious views could feel safe. That is why millions of people arrived here, “yearning to breathe free.” Just make sure you practiced the right religion and you worshiped the right God.

You could practice it to be sure, but you would not likely be welcomed with open arms. Just admit there is no God and forget running for office. Not an Irish Catholic in Boston? Well, there was a time where you could forget serving the people, for the most part.

We have religious freedom, sure. But we do not have the “right” to not believe.

Especially if you liked to bang drums while wearing a saffron colored dress.

I can well imagine the Hare Krishna folks being run out of Dodge back in the 1800’s for banging drums and dancing near the airport. People might find it crazy or perhaps dangerous and the courts would likely forget the idea of religious freedom. I can imagine back in the day, the local courts finding you guilty when they find out you do not believe in God and for that reason alone. Bring up the freedom of religion thing, and it would be likely ignored by the judge and/or the people in the jury box.

It is interesting to note that not too long ago, if you brought a gun into town, it had to be turned in to the sheriff. So much for that right to keep and bear arms thing. I also recall the accounts about plural marriages (LDS Church) and the government put a stop to that. So no, you can only believe in the right God, the right Bible and you could have beliefs if they were the right ones.

OTOH, I believe you could own a Gatling gun, so that was a good thing.

Back in the day, people were often free to believe in God just as long as it was the "right God" or at the very least, “a God.” An atheist view meant you suffered one way or another.

These days, you must “believe” in God in some school rooms. Some places voted to make teaching the so-called Intelligent Design theory alongside evolution. So much for the supposed (often misquoted) idea of separation between Church and State thing and say goodbye to hard science. In this case, the local governing body requires a certain religious view to be taught. This is not the “separation of Church and State” thing people often get wrong.

Tell the teacher you do not believe in any god and you might not pass the class. We have religious freedom to some extent until you practice it freely then the trouble starts.

Try being a Buddhist and espousing your lack of belief in any god or gods. No place for that, most likely. Worship Thor as your God and Personal Savior and see what happens. We cherish the Constitution because it gives us freedom of religion. Just putting it into practice and see where it gets you. When I run for office, I’ll admit my belief in Thor and I’ll not be elected. We are free to believe, but we must believe in the God others believe in or we are out.

And Thor is as legitimate to many people long ago as any God we worship today.

The zealots say the science of evolution is undecided yet they do not recognize the obvious problem us Hell bound heathens see: faith is not proof and God and the stories of the Bible are unproven. Intelligent design is taught because they bloody well know that they must remove mention of God or they will be accused of what the smarter among us know they actually want to do: put God smack in the middle of school curriculum.

A matter of the pot calling the Darwin black, to paraphrase that old saw.

Some places you will thrive if your belief is the "right belief." That said, for the most part, we the people turned out alright and we are free to worship anything we want. Just forget the idea that there is a separation and the atheistic view is cause for problems at some level.
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