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Originally Posted by zuben el genub View Post
Stick a chip in any new guns. The gun can be tracked at any time. Legal and careful users should have no problem. The hunters who blast away at anything that moves, domestic livestock, other hunters should have a problem. There will be black boxes in all new cars - why not chip guns?
Well, there might be a way to remove the chips and it is just one more little piece falling into place under the guise of protecting children with the goal being to take our rights away. It is one more step towards making gun ownership difficult. If I want a gun with no chip to commit crimes, no problem. The store might only sell chipped guns but no such requirements when I buy it illegally on the street.

Keep and bear arms is fairly easy to grasp. No rules in the Constitution about size. As soon as we decide a gun past a certain size must be banned means eventually all guns will be banned. That is the dream of many people. No guns, period.

Please due tell . . . what do you mean by a powerful gun? Not sure what that means. Still not sure what an 'assault weapon" is, either. People react to scary looking weapons and seem to forget that any gun is deadly in the hands of a maniac.

I like a 22 cal. Cheap to shoot. And it is deadly, too. Should I not be able to buy a 10 gauge shotgun? Not sure if you know what that is, but as shotguns go, it is a fairly 'big gun.”

What about a 357? That is a "big gun." Perhaps we ban guns over a certain size. Then we ban them just under a certain size. Where does it stop? I say it stops with the repeal of most gun laws and people that want a .50 cal Desert Eagle can be in and out in 15 minutes. To be sure, a .50 cal handgun is a really big gun as a few here will attest. Scares me, that is for sure.

Again, you might not like big guns and that’s cool. Guns of any kind scare some people and it is your right not to own one. That said, it is that kind of thinking I do not understand. What does big really mean? I hope I can own a Smith and Wesson 500 one day. A very big one to be sure.

If you want a fully automatic weapon--a machine gun, in other words--you can buy one. Not illegally, but with the full blessing of the government. Not sure many crimes have been committed with a machine gun. I mean a legally purchased “Tommy Gun.”

Need a silencer? No problem. Again, absolutely legal under federal law. Did you know that? Silencers are legal in my home state and if you can afford the fees, you can own one. Not sure how many crimes are committed by legal owners of these items, but I do know some states prevent owning a silencer.

It is/was as legal as a mincemeat pie except in Boston in the 1600’s. Mincemeat pies at Christmas time were banned along with Christmas. You could go to jail for celebrating Christmas, but you could weaponize yourself, go figure. Eat a pie, go to jail.

I looked it up. Apparently, there was a “bring your guns to church” law in the mid 1600’s Connecticut. Bring your gun across state lines, but you had better not be carrying a mincemeat pie.
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