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Originally Posted by tuggy24g View Post
Does anyone know an easy root method so I can save all my data?
WUG's root toolkit is what I used, though I think back then I had to dig around to get the drivers working properly, the new version might have improved that:

Nexus Root Toolkit v1.6.2 | WugFresh

Unfortunately though, IIRC, you must unlock bootloader first with wug's which will still wipe your whole phone as well as any pictures, music, everything that is on your virtual sdcard. Dig around and see if you can use wug's to root without unlocking bootloader and then you should be pretty much set for the next steps.

Originally Posted by AnotherFatalEpic View Post
I am in this exact situation, replacing because I have "banding" - not the normal grey visible when dim banding, but horizontal lines whenever the screen displays red. I was messing around with SketchBook app and found a shade of red that causes the screen to display solid black lines through it. Other shades of red show "light red" lines through them.

I selected Backup in CWM Recovery. How would I move this over to the new phone? I know I'll have to root the phone first and get CWM on it before I restore the backup, but the transfer of the backup has me stumped.

I know I can use AirDroid to try and transfer the whole blob/backup folder to my computer, but it would be over WiFi and I'm not sure how stable it would be with that big of a transfer.
You can just plug your phone into your pc and transfer your 'sdcard' contents that way.

good luck to both of you
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