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Originally Posted by PrinceCorwin View Post
Kinda like the choice of whether or not to have a firearm in the home. I totally agree that mandatory regulation of what the government deems safe and for the good of the people should generally be rejected. You give em an inch and they'll take a mile. Even if they only take an inch, those inches eventually add up to a mile.
Here is the problem. The right to own a gun is not just a law, like no paring in a school zone or no salt shakers in your favorite NYC eatery. It is a fundamental right. Not a good idea to be changed on a whim, but a RIGHT! Anything that tramples that fundamental right should scare people. And the Constitution is NOT a living, breathing document. Such documents are useless. Like a written sales contract with terms that can be changed as you see fit.

When we accept banning guns or making them hard to get means those that make the laws will have no problem with curtailing our other rights.

Consider an outright ban on guns; a turn in your guns kinda law. SCOTUS sides with the state and they refuse to hear the case. Possible with a liberal SCOTUS and admittedly not going to happen; this is just a thought experiment. Already, you see laws that chip away at a basic right. The camel head under the tent sort of thing.

People that hate guns applaud.

Then a state decides to eliminate some forms of free speech by passing laws regarding the Internet. Or they say you cannot speak badly of President Michelle Obama or Malia Ann Obama 8 years later or Sasha Obama 8 years after that. Perhaps a new law prevents selling books that are mean spirited or nasty. Or you can no longer protest something.

Suddenly, those that hate guns are bat crap happy that they have been finally banned are upset like hell that their freedom of speech is suddenly gone. They are pleased several courts took our guns away, telling us the Constitution is a “living, breathing document” that needs to be changed but they are upset that another fundamental right is gone, citing the very document they suddenly love and pointing out our freedom. They want it both ways.

They only support the constitution when it serves their needs. Those that want guns immediately banned do not know much. They want the constitution upheld with regards to freedom of speech all the while forgetting that my right to own guns is covered in the document they suddenly decide is important.

Those that want guns gone should stand shoulder to shoulder with gun owners. Work to end violence, not trample the U.S. Constitution. They should be scared whenever a sitting president or the Supreme Court decides to ignore our absolute rights.
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