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Default Galaxy 10.1 Note, Wifi

Hi everyone, I have done all the into stuff

I got a new Christmas Prezzie, its as above

Now as I know nothing about the android system or applications, how do I use em ?
Not really into games, or other time wasting stuff, but someone must think I do or they wouldnt have paid for this

I'd like to read books on it (I know I could have got a kindle, a Nook or a Nobo, but I didnt get a choice

I loaded up a micro SD card, inserted it, all the books in there are MOBI format, downloaded the kindle app so I could read them, only to find out the format isnt supported

So after reading all I could find about these books and this app I am still none the wiser

I have had this thing since Christmas day and so far all I have done is set up my email, the wifi, downloaded various maps and looked on the internet, signed into Skype (what a waste of time that was, better off using my iPod)

The idea was, I take this with me on my travels, I post my blog, photos, answer emails, read books (when I aint listening to them on my iPod) I could watch films, TV series, from the SD card, but so far, nothing I have put on this SD card works (the kindle app is rubbish, I cant get it to work) only thing I did find to work was anything Adobe

Can anyone give me a bit of help advice with this thing ?

I'd like to give it a try and take this with me, rather than my laptop, I'd rather carry one thing than 2, my bergen is heavy enough as it is, without lugging something I cant use or is just too complicated

I have been told its intituitive, I havent found it easy at all, it bear no relationship to anything I have used in the past

Please help a bloke out it really would appreciated

(just treat me like the new kid at school, who just dont know how things work round here)
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