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More suggestions, please!

Alarm Klock seemed to have it all--most importantly the swipe function to dismiss it. Then I found out that its "Alarm time out" didn't do AT ALL what I thought based on other alarms I've tried. Its description says: "A firing alarm will be automatically dismissed after this many minutes." No problem, I thought, I'll just set it to 'never.' Nope, there is no 'never' option, just 1-60 minutes. So I chose 60. And I figured that would mean 60 minutes from the last human interaction, such as snoozing it--because that's how other alarms I've tried, that had similar options, worked. meant FROM THE INITIAL ALARM TIME.

In other words, say you've set the alarm for 8:45am, and your snooze minutes are set at 15. So it goes off at 8:45, and you hit snooze; at 9:00 it goes off again, and you hit snooze, and then the same at 9:15 and 9:30. Guess what? THAT'S IT. The alarm shuts off because at 9:45 it's been 60 minutes since it initially went off.

I realize I could work around this problem by setting a SECOND alarm for an hour later than the first, but I really don't want to.

So if anyone knows of other alarm clocks with a 'swipe to dismiss' option, please let me know.
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