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Originally Posted by PrinceCorwin View Post
Hey Bob... you got a little off subject with that second to last post dontcha think? There's a whole 'nother thread for that subject... just sayin.

I mean, how did we go from mass murder and gun control to religious freedom and chipped kids?
Well, at least I did not invoke Adolph Hitler, so I get three points for that. Given enough time, Hitler will always be invoked at some point, in all threads, even the cooking ones.

Are you new here? Do you not know that I hijack threads?.

Regardless of the thread subject, I only commented on the chipped kids because someone brought it up, so blame the person that brought it up. I can only work with the material you all provide. As I understand the thread, chips will stop the mass murders if we chip our kids, our guns and I suggest we also chip our Bibles.

Mass murder discussions always turns to talk of more gun control. Religious freedom is in the Construction as are gun rights, and the right wing uber conservative gun nuts like me, see chipped kids as bearing the mark of the Devil, which will obviously increase violence. So chips mean violence, see how it is all tied together?

1- Murders mean more gun control
2- Gun control means ignoring the Constitution
3- Ignoring the Constitution means we can chip our kids with impunity
4- The chipping process will invoke the devil
5- Invoking the devil means more violence
6- This means banning bibles to remove the devil from our lives in an effort to reduce violence
7- Banning the Bible means freedom of the press is gone
8- Banning freedom of the press means stabbings will increase
9- More stabbings means more knife control laws
10- Our country is lost forever and the Taliban takes over and bans alcohol
11- No alcohol means increased violence
12- With no knives or guns, crimes will be perputated with baseball bats
13- Baseball bats will be banned
14- No more World Series

So be warned: chip a kid and baseball is lost forever; it is your choice. After the locusts leave us and the rivers run red with wine and tears, they will take our last freedom away. Probably Adolph's fault if you ask me.

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