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Originally Posted by copestag View Post
the irony being how strict pennsylvania is on guns and heres a guy with a gun? or the irony being that if they werent so very strict that guy would have been stopped within 5 mins?
Yup indeed.

Some things have always struck me as rather odd.

We ban certain guns and decent people that could make a difference cannot carry. I am reminded of the diner in Texas. I saw interviews with a woman that lost much of her family who might have stopped the carriage but Texas law (at the time) had strict laws that prevented her from packing. Her gun was in her car.

In this case, gun laws=the slaughter of the innocent. Rather ironic, I think. Sadly so.
We create gun free zones and still, kids are killed or hurt. We pass law after law and the laws do little good, if any. Reporters call semi-automatic weapons automatics all the while, forgetting that full autos are legal to own and there are very few crimes perpetrated by lawfully registered Tommy Gun owners.

They whine about gang gun crimes and say we need to ban guns but forget that gang bangers seem to like the lack of guns in the hands of decent folk.

Iíll say it . . . stronger gun laws help criminals that fear being shot dead by a good person.
We can read the hard data but reporters choose to ignore the facts. For example, there is a decrease in violent crimes nationwide, yet we hear how gun violence has increased.

We ignore the Constitution and our leaders try to make guns difficult to purchase or carry and some states ignore the Constitution until censorship is discussed then the document becomes sacred.
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