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Originally Posted by ocnbrze View Post
moved you over to this thread.

just curious, why are you not happy with BB's protection plan?

Ocnbrze I'm am a bit disappointed with BB protection, I've used it 3 time and have had an issue each time mostly with the refurbished phone they replace with. First time wife washed her evo shift took it in and they weren't paying attention and did the claim on my phone sent her an evo 4G not evo shift even though it was all correct on paperwork. 2 weeks later finally got phone back. Second time the screen on my Evo 4G had bad pixels they replaced it with a refurbished but when I went to pick it up and bb tried to activate it came back with a corrupt esn and they couldn't activate so they had to send that one back for another one, and finally 3 weeks later I got another refurbished evo 4G. That refurbished evo lasted me a month before the power port came off inside of the phone and pushed way up inside making it impossible to charge. Then it was a repeat of the first time I took my Evo in came back with corrupt esn, which by the way means that that phone was reported lost or stolen, this coming direct from sprint mouth. Again 3 weeks and it was finally resolved. So that's why I'm looking for other options.

Oh and for the poster above who believes Best Buy will give you a loaner samsung note or note 2 I don't remember which you said it would be when you take your phone in for service, I says show me where it's says that according to best buy. The best loaner phone I ended up with from best buy was a cheap 5 year old blackberry. But I'm hoping you can please prove me wrong about that, cuz if so I may stick with best buys black tie protection.
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