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Originally Posted by Scoobydoo25 View Post
Thanks for both replies

I downloaded this kindle thing for android, I then loaded the books onto a micro SD card, then when I tried to open them, it came up with format not suported, all the books were in Mobi format, which I thought was the format kindle and android needed to let me be able to read them
Kindle is not the best ebook reader in that it does not allow you to import your own library from anywhere. You have to put those books in a specific directory in phone memory: sdcard>Android>Data> folder.

I use Moon+ Reader myself.

I assume that this was right, as for anything else on the galaxy, I dont know what it can/cant do
You will learn just like everyone else has

I didnt do much on the laptop, just load audio books onto my iPod, answer emails, write my blog, store photos, upload and download photos, watch films/TV episodes (I had stored on my external HD)
I can copy films/TV episodes to my SD card, but knowing what format I need to watch them on the Galaxy would be good, I can convert them before I go anywhere, I assume that MP3's play on a Galaxy ?
Only draw back so far is I have to download stuff from my HD to a SD card, then put the SD card into the Galaxy, there is no where to plug in a external HD, so it looks like I will have tyo take both with me if I want to watch any films/TV and put stuff on to my iPods
Built-int video Player will work with regular video files, no conversion needed.

I am open to any suggestions what I can do on the Galaxy, but games, I dont see the point, I dont win anything, its just something to kill time with, watching films/TV is something to do in the evenings/dark nights

The link you sent me, does it convert the format to something the android can use to read books ?

I dont want to go out and buy ebooks when I have all these I havent read yet

What format does android need to enable me to watch films/TV programs ? (IF I wanted to watch stuff on the iPods, I would use a handbrake program)

Can I convert them ? (I do for the iPod, but thats such a small screen, I dont bother watching anything on that)

No conversion is needed for anything, this is not an iPod where everything is in a proprietary, Apple-owned and double-patented format.
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