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Originally Posted by Scoobydoo25 View Post
Do I have to move the books to the Galaxy ? if so how ? or can I read them from the SD card ?
They will be fine on SD Card . As I said, use Moon Reader.

Will films play from the SD card ? (AVI, WM, Mpeg, this apple format, mp4, I think)[

They will.

I have a 16 Gb card, what is the largest the Galaxy can handle ? (I have 2 of them, one for the Galaxy, 1 for my camera)
64Gb is the largest currently available and it works fine.

I would like to learn to love it, after all the wife bought it for me, and I really dont want to p**s her off
Learn, learn, experiment. You will learn it and enjoy it.

Cant take much smaller steps, turn on, fill in the forms, register it, find my WiFi, log into emails, turn off shut down, and that is all I have done, oh yes, downloaded kindle, deleted kindle,

Now reading all this on my PC
Not a good idea to give up after 30 minutes of using it.

When I get a bit more confidence in the Galaxy, I'll try again with it

You will not ge tany confidence if you keep it in your drawer. It is like trying to learn to drive with your car in the garage.

Plus, you have to try and reasearch things on your own, not only rely on a simple Q>A in here.
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