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Originally Posted by Bob Maxey View Post
If you want a fully automatic weapon--a machine gun, in other words--you can buy one. Not illegally, but with the full blessing of the government. Not sure many crimes have been committed with a machine gun. I mean a legally purchased “Tommy Gun.”

Need a silencer? No problem. Again, absolutely legal under federal law. Did you know that? Silencers are legal in my home state and if you can afford the fees, you can own one. Not sure how many crimes are committed by legal owners of these items, but I do know some states prevent owning a silencer.
You point out something that I don't think the politicians can see.. How many legally purchased and legally owned guns are used in these violent crimes?

And you say something else, how big is too big?? You said look at the .22 it is one of the smallest out there, but lethal none the less. The fact of the matter is that a bullet is a bullet.

Keeping guns in the hands of law abiding citizens is not bad, it is good. My christmas present from my parents this year was 38 revolver that is concealable being that I have my permit to carry in my state.

There is a gun ban proposal out there now that is absolutely outrageous, the worst part about it is that when the owner dies the police must confiscate ALL guns owned by the deceased. Including shot guns, hand guns, etc..

On a side note, has anyone heard of the lawsuit that is being put against sandy hook elementary school? I heard of it over the weekend the school is being sued for $100,000 for lack of safety measures... HOW? if the court rules in favor of the plaintiff that is ridiculous.

And talking about mandatory chips in babies and everyone else.. big brother is that you??
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